Numa entrevista à Numéro deste mês, a dupla de artistas britânica Gilbert & George explica a opção por uma das suas imagens de marca: o fato de três botões.


When did you star wearing the identical suits?

Gilbert: George used to have a black suite he always wore at art school. He was a dandy already in 65. In the beginning when we didn’t have money they were second-hand suits.

George: We had our Burton (British chain of tailoring shops) suits in ’72, probably. We always think that if you took a suit from every decade of the past 100 years and made an average, you’d probably end up like this – they’re bot particulary 1990’s not particulary 1950’s.

But Why do up all three buttons?

George: that’s to be tidy, I think. Taylors always tell you to leave the bottom one undone; they even tailor it like that now. We have to change the cut to do up all three buttons.

Gilbert: We have all these photographs of artists from 1971,- 2, -3,- 4, at parties, all drunk. We always looked the same, but the others look like hippies, with beards and flared jackets. Everybody has suits now: the young artists, the pop stars…

I’ve heard you refer to the suits as “Responsibility Suits”.

George: They are our working clothes. We do believe that we can speake through how we clothe ourselves, as well as through how we do our pictures. It is a very important part pof our democratic idea. We never wanted to be the freaky artists in that bohemian way.