(…) The White Wines of Portugal have lost the only chance they ever had of a start in the race of competition with sherry. The excellence of the wines of Lisbon, Bucellas, and Carcavellos is not to be disputed, when due justice is done them, and they are obtained from first-rate houses. In the 15th and 16th centuries, when Port was unknown in the rest of Europe, and very little known in Portugal, her white wines were prized to the extent of an exportation which, for that period, was enormous. Many of the most distinguished gourmets in England far prefer dry Lisbon to all other wines, and will drink nothing else; and accomplished judges prefer it to Madeira, which resembles in quality with less luscious richness, according it a vast superiority over the ordinary class of sherries. (…)

In Hints for the table or, the Economy of good living. With a few words on wines. J. Timbs (1859)


Bacus (mármore), Jacopo Sansovino